Aerus Media Switch Announcement Release 2.5

Magor is pleased to announce the General Availability of Aerus media switch software release 2.5, as part of the Aerus Software Delivery Platform (SDP) 2.4 release. 

Release Type: This is a GA release, and is a mandatory update of media switch software from previous releases.  It has met the quality criteria that Magor sets for release of software for general availability.  Any media switch (previously known as gateways) running Releases 2.3 or 2.4 can be upgraded to 2.5 directly.

Features and Improvements Since Release 2.4

  1. Support for end-to-end media encryption of Magor-to-Magor calls
  2. Updates to the Admin Portal
  3. Fix for an interoperability issue with Cisco endpoints (calls dropped after 30 seconds)
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