Aerus Invite Quick Setup Guide for Administrators

Aerus Invite is a virtual meeting room (VMR), a business-quality video conferencing solution without the infrastructure, support, and skill costs and requirements of traditional video conferencing. It provides advanced video services for your company’s workforce, on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Please click the link below to view the Aerus Invite Quick Setup Guide for Administrators. It includes instructions for performing the following tasks:

  • Access the Aerus Invite administration portal
  • Manage Aerus Invite users
  • Invite new users to Aerus Invite
    • Invite individual users to Aerus Invite
    • Invite multiple users from a .csv file
  • Delete Aerus Invite users
  • Manage Aerus Invite team virtual meeting rooms (VMRs)
  • Manage Aerus Invite passwords and VMR host and guest PINs
  • Manage Aerus Invite usage
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