Personal Aerus Collaborate Client (Windows and Dedicated) Release 2.4

Magor is pleased to announce Personal Aerus Collaborate Client for Windows 2.4 and Aerus Dedicated Client Release 2.4.

Note: Release 2.x followed release 7.1. Magor has reset the major release numbers of our software to align with the Aserus SDP release and new nomenclature.

Features and Improvements from Release 2.3

  1. Client licensing: A client is licensed automatically the first time the user logs in to Community. License allotments are assigned by tenant in Aerus Community. For details, see the Aerus Community User Guide. Approved service providers that distribute Magor services can now create customer licenses. 
  2. When creating contacts (SIP or Aerus), the outbound proxy flag is enabled automatically. Calls work and location dispersal takes care of adjusting the setting for Aerus contacts.
  3. Client settings can be password-protected upon demand.
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