User guide: Aerus Collaborate for Dedicated Aerus Systems

Please click the link below to view the User guide: Aerus Collaborate for dedicated Aerus systems. It includes instructions for performing the following tasks:

  • Use the home page.
  • Use the toolbar to control Aerus features, hide the toolbar, display the toolbar on the other side of the screen.
  • Use the toolbar to control sessions, including your volume, mute, audio devices, and outgoing video, view session details, add contacts to a session, leave a session.
  • Answer an incoming call.
  • Display contacts pane, sort and search for contacts , use contact groups, contact status, create a list of favorite contacts.
  • Make calls from the contact pane and dialpad.
  • View missed calls.
  • Choose your session view.
  • Enter a session password, if required.
  • Lock a session, mute participants, record a session, disconnect other participants.
  • Display resources pane (computer or other preprogrammed resources) to share collaboration material, such as a spreadsheet, share resources, open a browser.
  • Share collaboration materials with participants
  • Add a contact

For more advanced user instructions, see the Client administrator guide.

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