Aerus Community Release 2.3

Magor is pleased to announce the first release of Aerus Community Release 2.3.

Community is required for Aerus Release 2 on. The Aerus Community server supports users and their contacts in an enterprise or service provider environment. It acts as a relationship-management platform for users, allowing you to create complex user hierarchies.

Use Community to manage the following things:

  • user profiles and associated client configuration
  • contact lists
  • tenants and associated local administrators
  • user administration (groups of users with associated contacts, user names and passwords, accounts/extension numbers)
  • presence servers

Magor can provide Community services on the public Internet or can distribute the software to customers for private cloud deployments. Some functionality that was part of settings in the user interface has now been moved to Community.

For more information, see the Aerus Community section.

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