Important Changes to Terminology

Magor is in the process of changing terminology to better reflect product functionality. There may be some outstanding occurrences of older terminology. 

Our product is the Aerus Service Delivery Platform (SDP), which includes two main services: Aerus Collaborate and Aerus Invite.

Service delivery components, formerly called gateways or infrastructure components, are now called media switches and include:

  • Media Switch - Primary (MSP), formerly the Aerus datacenter
  • Media Switch - Campus (MSC), formerly the Aerus campus server
  • Media Switch - Edge (MSE), formerly the Aerus edge server

Clients, formerly called endpoints, include:

  • dedicated clients, such as room-based systems with more than one screen and all-in-one systems
  • in the near future, Personal Aerus Collaborate Client available on personal desktop computers (Windows)
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